Event Information

Event Start Times

All events will start and finish at Home Bay, on Motutapu island.

Event Time
Off-Road Triathlon 8.00am
42.2km Marathon 8.30am
42km MTB 9.00am
26km MTB 9.30am
21.1km Half Marathon 10.00am
10km run / walk  10.30am
6km run / walk 11.30am

Downloads - Maps and Profiles

Event Map Profile
Marathon Marathon map.pdf
Marathon profile.pdf
Off-Road Triathlon 26km MTB map

10km run / walk map.pdf(630kb)
26km MTB profile

10km run / walk profile.pdf
42km MTB 42km MTB map.pdf
42km MTB profile.pdf
26km MTB 26km MTB map.pdf
26km MTB profile.pdf
Half Marathon Half Marathon map.pdf
Half Marathon profile.pdf
10km run / walk 10km run / walk map.pdf(630kb)
10km run / walk profile.pdf
6km run / walk 6km run / walk map.pdf(208kb) 6km run / walk profile.pdf

Event Cut Off Times

Event Time
Marathon You have 7.5 hours to complete the course (an average travelling time of 5.6km hour, or doing an average speed of 10.7min / km)
Off-Road Triathlon You have 8 hours to complete all three disciplines - Swim - MTB - Run (if registered for the National Cross-Tri Champs the cut off will be 3hrs 45mins)
42km MTB You have 7 hours to complete the course (an average travelling time of 7.1km / hour, or doing an average speed of 8.4min / km)
26km MTB You have 6.5 hours to complete the course (an average travelling time of 4.6km / hour Average speed of 13min / km)
Half Marathon You have 6 hours to complete the course (an average travelling time of 4.2km / hour, or doing an average speed of 14.2 min / km)
10km run / walk You have 5.5 hours to complete the course (an average travelling time of 2.2km / hour, or doing an average speed of 27min / km)
6km run / walk You have 4.5 hours to complete the course (an average travelling time of 1.5km / hour, or doing an average speed of 40min / km)

Compulsory pre event registration

The compulsory pre-event registration will take place in Auckland where all event participants will be required to register;

Registration Venue - Viaduct Events Centre
Date: Thursday 23 March, 2017
Time: 12:00 - 8:00pm
For those people who live out-of-town or who definitely can't register on the Thursday you will be able to register to get on your event ferry at Pier 2, Fullers Terminal in Auckland City on the morning of the event, and then register over on the island for your event (collect race number, transponder, goodie bag etc).

Please note that all mountain bikers need to register and bring MTBs to the Registration Venue on the Thursday as mountain bikes are transported to Motutapu Island on the Friday morning by Fullers ferry.

Aid stations

Each aid station will have the following;

Note: While we will have plenty of aid stations on all course options, we advise (as we would with any off-road event) that you come prepared with your own supplies. We would thoroughly recommend bringing your own hydra-pack complete with liquid (minimum of 2 litres), food, extra clothes and a basic first aid kit.

There will be several aid stations for all event options, please see details below;

Half Marathon
6km run / walk (km)

26km  MTB
42km MTB
Off-Road Triathlon
2.2 2.2 2
2 2 2 MTB Leg;
7.5 4.5   6 5.5 5.5 2
11.8 8.5     10 10  5.5
14.7 12     18 18  10
17 16     25 25  18
21 17       29  25
22 19       34.5
26.5         38
30           Run Leg;
32            2
35            6


Bring 3-Newbies

mailto:nickc@totalsport.co.nzIf you're able to rustle up three friends who're newbies to the Partners Life DUAL and get them to sign up for the 2017 event, we'll give you your entry for FREE! (Does not include a triathlon team option).

Once you have your three newbies and they've registered for the event send an email to kezia@totalsport.co.nz with their full names and we'll send you a code to enter online at no cost.

Please note we are not able to refund entry fees if you have already registered for the 2017 DUAL event.

DUAL Scholarship Programme

The aim of the DUAL scholarship Programme is to get people off the couch and to make a significant change in their health, with the end goal being to complete the DUAL 10km run/walk. If you're someone, or know someone, who's always wanted to make a health and fitness lifestyle change in their lives but never made the step, the DUAL Scholarship Programme is for you.

Through a 16 weeks journey, from mid-November until the event in March, successful applicants will come to an intro evening where you'll be provided with a training programme, nutritional and lifestyle advice and personalised workbooks.

Applicants will also need to commit to group training one hour, one night a week for 16 weeks in Auckland City. Finally you'll be registered in the 10km event on Saturday 25 March 2017 where you'll take part in the event with other participants, and your goals achieved! There are no costs involved in being part of the DUAL Scholarship Programme. Sound like a bit of you? Or does it make you think of someone that a scholarship could benefit? Take the step.

Applications for the 2017 DUAL Scholarship Programme will open on 1st August.


Group Packages

http://www.thedual.co.nz/pdfs/17/Group_Package_DUAL_2017.pdf The Partners Life DUAL is a unique opportunity to get together with friends, family and work mates and bring a group over to one of the most scenic event bases in the world - the Hauraki Gulf islands of Motutapu and Rangitoto. We have a fantastic group package available with plenty of additional extras, all designed to make your day an easy and seamless event experience. With a variety of entry options to suit all levels, your team of 10 (or more) can take advantage of a group package that works specifically for you. See the 2017 DUAL Group Packages Brochure for details.

The 2017 DUAL Concert and Prizegiving

Date: Saturday 25 March, 2017
Starting at 10.30am, finishing at 6.45pm
Location: Home Bay, Motutapu Island

Prizegiving is at the event base at 2:15pm. Partners Life wants to give you the chance to capture and share your most meaningful mountain biking and trail running experiences with others! After having some delicious, thirst-quenching chunks of watermelon at the finish line, provided by the Partners Life team, stay for prize giving and be in the draw to win a HERO4! Winner drawn from the finish line transponder return box. We will have an awesome line-up of cover bands to keep you entertained in the sun with a beer or glass of wine! The DUAL concert is free for all event participants!

Please remember, if you're intending to stay until the end you will need to get your return ferry wristband after your event to ensure you are booked on one of the return ferries.

Concert Schedule  
10:30am - 11:30pm TBC
11:30pm - 12:30pm TBC
12:30pm - 12:45pm TBC
12:45pm - 2.00pm TBC
2.00pm - 2.15pm TBC
2.15pm - 3.00pm Event Prize Giving
3.00pm - 4:00pm TBC
4.00pm - 4.15pm TBC
4.15pm - 5.00pm TBC
5.00pm - 5.15pm TBC
5.15pm - 6.00pm TBC


Limited edition Mr Vintage event tee

These great tees will only be available for the 2016 Partners Life DUAL event! For only $55 you can purchase an event tee while entering the event. Don't delay, order today and remember a great event with a great event tee!

If you have already entered the event and would like to purchase one of these great tee's you can do so at the ONLINE SHOP

Woman's Mr Vintage event tee (blue) Men's Mr Vintage event tee (oatmeal)

Marmot Event Clothing



For only $60 you can either purchase a Marmot technical tee while entering the event or by visiting our online shop here

Numbers are limited in each size so please make sure you pre-order one if you want to be guaranteed one for the event.

If you have already entered the event and would like to purchase one of these great tee's you can do so at the ONLINE SHOP


The Home Bay, Motutapu Island Campsite is by the beach and right next to the Partners Life DUAL event base which overlooks Home Bay. This wonderful campsite is near the Reid Homestead built in 1901, and various WWII military remains, with 152 non-powered/tent sites, there is plenty of room. Toilets and water facilities available.

Stay the Friday night before the event and/or Saturday night to make the most of your post event celebrations.

Please see HERE more information.

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