Total Sport uses the following age categories.

Junior - Under 20yrs   Master - 40yrs - 49yrs   Legend - 60yrs plus
Open - 20yrs - 39yrs   Veteran - 50yrs - 59yrs    

Partners Life DUAL Results

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Year Online Results and Event Certificate can also be found here shortly after this event:


Final Results

Division results - (PDF)

Overall results - (PDF)

Triathlon results - (PDF)

Final Results

Division results - 125KB (PDF)

Overall results - 127KB (PDF)

Triathlon division results - 49KB (PDF)

Triathlon overall results - 45KB (PDF)


Final Results:

Division results- 120KB (PDF) (updated)

Overall results - 118KB (PDF) (updated)

Triathlon division results - 47KB (PDF)

Triathlon overall results - 45KB (PDF)

Final Results

Divisional - 107KB (PDF)

Divisional - 378KB (XLS)

Overall - 110KB (PDF)

Overall - 412KB (XLS)

Final Results

Divisional - 106 KB (PDF)

Divisional - 386KB (XLS)

Overall - 104KB (PDF)

Overall - 420KB (XLS)

Final Results

Run / walk results - 106KB (PDF)

MTB results - 386KB (XLS)
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