What time does my event start?

Please refer to the event information page on this website.

Where can I find specific information for my event?

Please refer to the course options page on this website.

Is it likely that any of the events will sell out?

Yes, it is very likely that the Half Marathon and the 10km run/walk events will again sell out, as they did in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The mountain bike event options are also capped at 600 participants across the two event options and normally sell out.

I'm taking part in the MTB events or triathlon, how does my MTB get over to the island and how do I find it?

You will bring your mountain bike to the event registration on the Thursday before the event and leave it with us (after attaching your race number to the front of your bike and bracket on your front forks). All mountain bikes are racked and securely stored overnight and transported over to the event base on Motutapu Island on the Friday morning before the event. When you come off your ferry on Saturday morning all bikes are racked in number order for you to collect before your race.

I'm taking part in the MTB events or triathlon, do I have to drop my bike to the event registration on the Thursday before the event?

Yes, all mountain bikes need to be taken to the event registration and left with us. If you're unable to make it to the event registration there is a very limited capacity to take mountain bikes on the Saturday morning ferry with you; please email Julieanne to register your name for this. Please make sure it has been cleaned and is spotless as it will be inspected by DOC. Please note that if there are more mountain bikes than the ferry has capacity for you might miss out getting your bike over to the island, and you'll be running or walking... Please understand this is out of our control.

I'm taking part in the MTB events or triathlon, will my mountain bike be damaged when being transported over to the island?

No, we take great care and time when moving all mountain bikes. All bikes are moved by hand from the registration venue on to a Sea Link barge and corrugated cardboard is placed between each mountain bike. Once over on the island all bikes are run (two per person) from the ferry to where they're racked at the event base. And the same is done when bikes are returned back to Auckland City after the event.

Can I walk the 21km Half Marathon event option?

Yes, the 21km Half Marathon is a run and walk event option. Please make sure you're going to be able to finish the event (walking only) within the allocated cut-off time; please see event cut off times. There are separate trophies for the run and walk events.