The Motutapu Restoration Trust

Participate in the Partners Life DUAL and save an island!

The Partners Life DUAL is no ordinary event. While it will undeniably be an event staged on some of the most scenic surrounds in the world, the Partners Life DUAL is also an event that has been developed in order to make a positive impact in the world we live.

The event concept has been developed in conjunction with Total Sport and the Motutapu Restoration Trust (MRT). The key objectives of MRT are quite simple, they have a vision to restore the natural and historic heritage of Motutapu.  They are planting  large sections of Motutapu in native trees over the next  30 years.  Presently the MRT plant around 16,000 native trees annually, and have covered 100ha already. By participating in the Partners Life DUAL event, you will be directly contributing to the planting campaign undertaken by MRT.

Both islands are now completely pest-free which means there are no non-native pest animals such as rats, mice, stoats, possums, feral cats etc. Thanks to past participants of the Partners Life DUAL, we now have kiwi once again on these islands.

Through  nursery propogation, tree planting and weed control, the Trust has created a safe habitat for these rare birds. Endangered  takahe,  whitehead, tieke/saddleback, pateke  and shore plovers have been  released onto the islands since the celebration of their pest-free status in August 2010.  Others have arrived under their own steam such as bellbirds and kakariki.Now it’s your turn to do your bit to ensure the islands remain a safe-haven for these special native species by participating in the 2018 event.  Your DUAL entry is contributing to this work.

Please have a read about how you can help this project by reading the Dual Biosecurity Notes (309k pdf). Visit the Department of Conservation website to learn more about their efforts with the Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands restoration project. To see more on what the MRT does, or join MRT on Facebook. You can also make an additional donation to MRT through your registration.  Even better, become a Friend of Motutapu, and make this a regular thing.