How long does the ferry trip take?

Approximately 40 minutes each way depending on the conditions.

I called Fullers to purchase another ferry ticket or to ask about the event transport but they didn't know what I was talking about?

This is because the Partners Life DUAL event charters the Fullers vessels specifically for this event, they are not normal Fullers sailings to and from the island. If you have any transportation related questions please send them to the Total Sport team.

Where does the ferry leave from on the morning of the event?

Your event ferry departs either Fullers Ferry Terminal, 99 Quay Street, in Auckland City or Marine Square, Fullers Terminal in Devonport (15 minutes after the CBD depart time) on the morning of the event. Participants are able to catch a ferry from either location.

I'm bringing my family, how do I go about booking a ferry for them?

When registering for the event ferry for your family, children etc. through your event registration form or through the online shop, you will need to select which ferry they'll be going on. There is the option on 6am, 7am, 8am and 9am. The 10am departure time sadly isn’t an option as this ferry sells out with event participants every year.

I have children under the age of 5 coming to the event, are they free and do I need to register them for the ferry?

Children under the age of 5 are free to travel to and from the event on Fullers ferries. Register through your event registration form or through the online shop.

I want to take my own boat/vessel to the event rather than taking the Fullers ferry, but the ferry ticket cost is included in the entry fee?

Please email Julieanne and provide your vessel name and type (for the Department of Conservation), you will then be supplied with a code to enter online which will remove the ferry ticket cost (adult $32) from the online entry fee.

Will the ferry stop off in Devonport?

Yes, all ferries before and after the event will stop at the Devonport wharf/ ferry terminal. The ferry will arrive at Devonport in the mornings approximately 10 minutes after the Auckland departure times. You can also take the ferry from Devonport, there will be a registration desk set up at the Devonport ferry terminal on the morning of the event.

After my event do I just take any return ferry back to the Auckland City?

No, you will need to go to the event information tent after you've finished your race (NOT before your race) and decide which ferry you would like to go on, from here you'll be given a coloured wristband which corresponds to a specific ferry sailing time. Return ferry sailing times after your event can be found via the transport page. All ferries will stop via Devonport on the way back to the Auckland CBD ferry terminal.