Fullers are proud sponsors of the Partners Life DUAL.

Bring on the island time and head on over to Motutapu Island with Fullers for a jaunt this summer and start your training.


IMPORTANT. Please check your bags and all gear you are bringing out to the island for unwanted pests, ants and seeds.

Both Motutapu and Rangitoto are pest free and your vigilance helps them to remain that way. All bags and containers should be able to be closed/sealed. Once packed, keep bags closed zipped up tight. Remember to recheck your bag on the morning of departure.

  • Food - Pack all food in sealed containers free from insects, please no shopping type open bags.

  • Check for mice, insects, seeds & soil - remove if found.

  • Check your bags, camping gear, footwear and clothing.

  • Footwear - Check laces & seams for seeds. Check boot treads for soil & seeds. Clean if required.

  • Clothing - Check pockets for seeds and clean if required.